Wednesday, September 14


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Google Search beta released...My fantasy football team won it's first game! Pretty good, considering I don't watch football. To celebrate I cut my starting quarterback and kicker. Lefty QB Mark Brunnell is my big hope now...great poster by the Switchblade Valentines...More people come to my blog by searching for Rona Ambrose than anything else - Rona, you will be PM in my lifetime...ok I know my blog sucks, but NO MORE SPAM COMMENTS FROM WEBSITES SELLING CRAP - leave comments if you like my site (please?) but I will never buy anything (I am very poor) from spamsters

Tuesday, September 13


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8 bucks for Grand Theft Bus, bit much for a club band...I might just go postal on a know-it-all in the back row of the camera course I'm taking at Ivan's Camera - I mean why does a guy take the course when he knows every@#$@!!thing about cameras?...Mulroney sure stepped in it, eh?

Monday, September 12


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Great headline that you don't see often - "Nukes if Necessary" (seen on front page of today's National Post)...WHA era finally over - Mark Messier, last active player who took a shift in the WHA, retired today, age 44, after 25 years in the NHL - I always remember him as the one player that the Soviets could never contain in the 84/87 Canada Cups...Paul Martin's idea of building refineries in Canada is actually a good one, I would like to here more details on it - if you could actually do it by building the refineries where it made the most economical sense without political considerations I might actually vote for the man...I officialy hate my job today, reasons withheld

Sunday, September 4

Reversing Falls Bridge

Reversing Falls Bridge
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Went to the Rolling Geriatrics (Stones) concert in Moncton. WellI didn't actually go as in pay, or as in enter the gates, but I went to the area leading up to the entrance gates to people watch. Saw this incredibly hot number (picture to follow once I get the slides developed) wearing tight little daisy dukes and light-brown cowboy boots and a nice little straw cowboy hat...unfortunately, her boyfriend looked tough enough to pound me into left-over I was phoning a friend near the magnetic hill gates I saw a guy, completely wasted, wearing no shirt, shorts + undershorts down to his knees, walking casually and blissfully to the main road...I wonder how that turned out...a lot of babes going to the statuesque babe wearing a string bikini top and a cowboy hat leaped out into the road and tried to thumb down a a first for red-blooded males, the guy drriving the car actually turned her down...organizers did a fantastic job of organizing things, no true signs of chaos