Monday, January 2


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Reverse Onus proposed to fight gun crime - I don't like this one bit. Putting the various onus of prrof on the authorities is one of the fundamental tenets of democratic society - seems like this could easily be a slippery slope. Imagine reverse-onus on other things - "prove you didn't steal money!". Not that I was voting for them anyway...Conservatives Take Lead - Martin's decision to have a long campaign is going to kill him - the Liberals are sucking wind like me at the end of a long shift in hockey. The Liberal's decision to lame-duck the first month and do all their campaining after Xmas was also a monumental blunder. They've surrendered the initiative to harper, blown a 12 point lead, and more importantly for the band wagonners out there, for the first time allowed the scenario of a Conservative win to go from a ridiculous long shot to a toss up.