Monday, June 27

My Movie History

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First movie I remember seeing - 101 Dalmations, around 1973...Last movie, as a kid, with my mom - Star Wars, 1977...Only movie I remember with my grandfather, father's side - Every Which Way But Loose, 1978...only movie I have ever been turned down for, age reasons - Bachelor Party, I saw first school night, university - Rocky IV, of the last movies I remember watching with my best high school friend, and certainly the one we enjoyed the most - Top Gun, 1986...last movie I saw (while in Saint John)with Owen Smith - Evil Dead II, 1987...Worst movie that I ever saw - Ishtar, 1987...Worst movie that I saw more than once - Witches of Eastwick, 1987...last movie I ever saw with my first girlfriend, Johny Be Good, 1988 (no wonder she got rid of me), why did I go and see so many bad movies in 1987?


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Blackhole, Herbie Goes Bananas, Every Which Way But Loose. Three movies I remember watching at the movie theatre at Lancater mall, when it still had a movie theatre. I went to see Every Which Way But Loose with my grandfather in 1978, and I remember feeling embarrassed because one of the previews showed a women wearing a lacy corset...I remember the lineup being all the way down the mall hallway for the Herbie movie...I remembr having a $1 to go to the mall, and being mad that I couldn't quite get three comics (which at 35 cents each would cost 1.05) - 3 comics these days would cost me $15 which I probably wouldn't do...wierd, eh - at 10 years old I could easily afford 3 comics on a shopping trip but nowadays, a highly paid professional, I wince at the price of 3 comics...First comic I remember buying was a fantastic four comic, one where the Thing was hanging out with the Hulk but then fights him when he hurts one of the other fantastic four ...bought it at the Shopper's Drug Mart, Towers mall, Saint John...I remember when the Irving on Main Street, Lancaster stopped selling comics, which meant that I could no longer get a comic on the way home from our Sunday night visits with my grandfather. Random thoughts on a Monday.


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I want to move to Sackville...seems like a nice place to hide..I would just hang out in the cafe, bookstore, and convenience store down town, and go that retro theatre once and awhile...and walk the waterfowl park everyday...

Saturday, June 25


Vancouver Docks
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I have been to Vancouver, London England, Nice in France, Edinborough, Chicago, Paris, Ottawa, Washington, Boston, Cleveland, Baltimore, York, the Lake District in England, Glastonbury, Toronto, Kansas City, New Orleans, Houston. I have been 2 feet away from the Rosetta Stone in the British museum, stood on the HMS Victory, walked in the Capitol building, walked down the French Quarter in New Orleans, stood under the Eiffel tower, stood in front of stonehenge, taken pictures in Versailles. I have played league games in Lacrosse, hockey, soccer, water polo, basketball, baseball, softball. I have two university degrees, including a master's degree that I aquired after having failed out due to low gpa at another university. I have fooled around with the daughter of one of my university professors. I have fooled around with two seperate woman on the same day. I once won a hockey playoff series with a series-ending penalty shot. Not a bad list. But I always feel as if I am missing something, like life is passing me by. Blah.

Thursday, June 23


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Ok, today's theme is reality shows....
Michael Jackson Reality Show...realit,y coming from Michael, that would be a first, I think...
Celeberity American Idol - they quote that they are going to get A-list stars to try out - yeah, good one, we're going to see Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie....more likely more Brady Bunch/Partridge Family style leftovers...
Reality Show Writer's strike - love this - don't all the advertisements for reality shows boast up the 'unscripted part' can you write reality?

Tuesday, June 7


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Lost opening game of ultimate frisbee today...didn't play bad, didn't play well, just kind of black and white slide film arrived today, less than 24 hours after ordering for only 8 dollars shipping - way to go Applebys...China orders chinese websites/blogs to register with government - I can see this as a future boondoggle that our marvelessly inept government would attempt...

Monday, June 6


Moncton Church
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Appleby's camera in Saint John sells Agfa black and white slide film ! Yay ! Saves me a bundle in time and money shipping it from the States...Gurmant Grewal got caught? Arrested? today hanging out in an airport trying to get passengers to carry a package to Ottawa for him - not sure why he didn't ship it or take it himself - this guy is really wierd. Everybody knows you don't accept packages from strangers on flights - maybe he's had a Svend Robinson style breakdown...put together a toddler bed tonight, once again proving that I am the least handy guy in the known universe...big plan this summer - I am going to create a "musical ligne" - a series of photos, with a connecting theme, presented to music - I am going to use stone churches (or maybe just churches) in New Brunswick, in black and white, to "Amazing Grace"

Sunday, June 5


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Kind of getting the blues. I'm beginning to worry I take photos to try and impress others, not because I like to. That I blog to see what other think not that I like to keep a diary. Everything I do I seem to be concious of what others think. I wish I could just let go, like Luke Skywalker turning off his targeting computer when attacking the death star, relying on his own instincts. Problem is my instincts aren't pretty. Porn. Cheating on girlfriend. Mindless video games. Wandering around aimlessly. I remember watching a movie years ago and there's a quote that stuck in my mind - "...there are no real New Yorkerers - everyone came from somewhere else." I wonder if there is no real me. Just someone trying to impress others.

Wednesday, June 1

Nice Day

Saint John
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Not sure why there is all the fuss about the Gurmant Grewal best, they only prove that government posts will be traded by the Liberal government for votes, but we already know that - that's the only reason Stronach is sitting in a Senior Cabinet position with no political experience...the ministry she got is a hoot as well - as if she ever had to worry about unemployment - she found she can become a CEO and a Cabinet minister with one year of university and no experience...Bought Alexander Solzhenitsyn's "August 1914" for $1.20 and the Reader's Digests' "Strange Stories and Amazing Facts" for $.80 at the Owl's Attic used book store which was having a 90% off moving sale...Got $750 rebate from Suzuki after buying a new car for being a recent grad, which is a laugh because I qualified for graduating as far back as June 2001...Gurmant Grewal isn't exactly coming off too well in this tape thing either - by not releasing the tapes immediately he's leaving himself open to tampering to 23c today and going to 27c tomorrow, gotta bring camera to work