Tuesday, May 31

Sunny days

Saint John
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Finally, sun in Moncton...+20, first tank top siting, girls in light summer dresses...mmmm...ultimate frisbee starts again next week...desperately need a haircut, everyone is making fun of my retro 70's do...government didn't fall today, as far as I know...those tapes by Grewal have potential for fun...included picture is of a beautiful church in Saint John...

Thursday, May 26


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This incessant rain never stops. Somehow Moncton has fallen through the space/time continuum and landed in the middle of the Bladerunner universe....Can you imagine having the this girl (from yesterday's Toronto Sun sunshine girl spot) as your girlfriend? I just cannot fathom it. I can't even focus when looking at the picture. She is to intensely hot to stare at directly...somehow got tricked into running my local camera club's website today...summer ultimate frisbee starts in two weeks...don't you just love those short-short-cropped bottoms...good pose as well, as if you caught her just as she was about to pull them off...as you can tell, not getting any these days, reduced to fantasizing about sunshine girls...

Sunday, May 15

We're not going to invade Sudan

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From the National Post - Sudan turns down Martin's offer of troops, saying they were not consulted - some much for the statement that the Sudan plan was well thought out and planned and not a desperate vote-buying gamble...Post also said that the troops might be sent anyway but "unarmed"...oh, that's going to be fun, sending unarmed, unwelcome troops into a warzone...I can't even make a sarcastic comment about that one, it speaks for itself...I wonder what Kilgour is going to do now - he said he wouldn't vote with Liberals unless they send 500 troops, Sudan says they don't want any...can you imagine if a Sudanese government person started a campaign to send troops to Canada, without consulting Canada...that would be well received

Friday, May 13

Broadbent come through

Reversing Falls Bridge
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Just when I was about to become a complete anarchist, hating all politicians, Ed Broadbent does a very honourable thing by agreeing to not vote in the budget vote because of Stinson on the opposing side missing because of cancer surgery...I would love to hear Martin, Valeri, and Layton's take on this...knowing Eddie, betcha he's flying solo on this idea...way to go, Ed!

Thursday, May 12

Beach in Saint John

Beach in Saint John
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Beer truck turns over on 401 today, snarling the 401 in a "sea of beer"...liberals ignore no-confidence vote, filibuster their own budget, stalling until two cancer-ridden conservative MPs are too sick to voe, sure makes me proud...Eva Longoria tops maxims list of beautiful women, no surprise, she is the only reason I watch TV...she is so good looking that you can't watch "Desperate Housewifes" with girls you date lest you suddenly burst out "man, she's hot" several times in the middle of the show...skipped the championship game of our ultimate frisbee tonight, just don't have the spirit anymore...Does anyone remember the movie Spinal Tap, when the band started out playing in stadiums, then ended up in progressively smaller venues until ending up in a public park second billed as "puppet show and spinal tap"? Well, the Rolling Geriatrics play Moncton reminds me of that scene, for some reason.

Sunday, May 8

Have the election now

Lonely Flight
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Paul Martin says that he will hold an election 30 days after Gomery's report, which would mean January. The Cons/Bloc wants the election in June. So the question is not whether or not to have an election (and it's associated costs), but when to have one, either now or 6 months from now. 6 months is a very short time in politics. Hell, they usually have all the summer off for vacation. If you wait until January, you give the Liberals 6 months to buy our votes (latest : 5 billion for Ontario )+ the government being held hostage to demands for every songle vote, such as invading Sudan to get David Kilgour's vote (I do think intervening in the Sudan is a good idea, but it should be a well thought out, planned part of government policy not just a desperation grab the vote idea)....in non-political matters, my ultimate frisbee team is 2-0 in playoff games that I have missed, so maybe I shouldn't go o the final game tonoght.