Tuesday, November 29


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Lets keep track of the election progress. I'll give a +1 for a positive move for a party, -1 for a negative, and we will see if the party (conservative or Liberal) with the most points wins.

Conservatives (+2 so far):
Harper bringing up Gay marriage -1
Klein predicting Liberal win -1
Cutler as candidate +1
Bringing down government +1

Liberals (-4 so far):
Claudette Bradshaw not re-running -1
Jean Augustine not re-running -1
Michael Ignatieff nomination controversey -1
Income Trust leak -1

Sunday, November 20


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I have now finished in last place the last 2 photo contests for my local camera club...no confidence vote either the 24th or the 28th...Yzerman complaining that the new nhl is "not hockey" - maybe the game is just to quick for him now (2 g and 4 assists for season so far, basically one Dan Heatley game)...Black's Photography selling 5 iso 100 24 exposure rolls for 14 bucks, good deal.

Tuesday, November 15


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My brother got married 3 days ago...caterers forgot to deliver the $1500 of wine we ordered, I ended up driving around downtown Toronto, in a Tux and a convertible BMW, searching for cases of wine...on the Friday previous to the wedding, went to the strip local strip club - the strippers wanted $360 for an hour which seems a bit rich...I think that the oppostion parties should bring forth a non-confidence vote immediately and forget the dancing - corrupt is corrupt, throw the bums out...after driving for a few days on the "Deathrace 2000" streets of Toronto, I know that I could never move back...the Distillary District in Toronto is absolutely beautiful - a collection of multiple buildings a streets that looks like it dropped out of a Dicken's novel.

Thursday, November 3


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I distinctly remember the first time I thought about girls in a sexual way. I was eleven years old in grade 6, and the teacher had sent 4 of us boys out of the classroom into the hallway to work on some project. As I cracked open my book, another boy (named Robert, I think) talked to his friend about how a girl they new had zipped down her shirt to show her b**bs to another boy. All of a sudden it hit me. I had never thought of girls before that precise moment, and have not been able to turn off the tap since then.