Sunday, October 30


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Copyright to fight Intelligent Design quacks?....Monarchist League - I read this message board and almost pissed myself laughing...Found an east-coast scala processing lab, yay!...After surfing wikipedia, I discovered that I am a lollard! - amazing how one can find oneself through random surfing - Thank Goodness it wasn't something wierder.

Monday, October 24


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Wierd series of dreams last night - dreamt about ex-girlfriend Danielle, the guy she cheated on me with Tim, a wierd hillbilly car race that I was taking part in, scary, creepy death-like creatures (hood, black face, skeletal arms coming at me through a portal in the wall.

Thursday, October 13


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Not playing ultimate this year, too pricey ($65 for the fall season - bit rich for frisbee)...enclosed picture is of a guy welding girders into place at the top of the Blue Cross building nhl rules rock...somebody came to my blog with search parameters about "last guy in nhl to not wear a helmut" - ansewr is "Brad Marsh" iso800 pictures turned out really well, much to my surpise - I was under the impression that the grain would be much more noticeable...can't believe that idiot (I used to like him, to my shame) Gille Duceppe said that Moncton is not bilingual - half of the conversations that I overhear in Moncton are bilingual, usally with all parties in the conversation switching leisurely between the languages

Tuesday, October 4

I'm so f@#$d

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I'm so f@#$d at work. They want us to help out with a project at a remote location that is out of time and out of budget, but the pinheads on the project don't seem to understand how bad the project is and they are being real pricks about accepting help. Time to fire some f$%#%g consultants. Just once, I would like to start a project myself instead of coming in after a project is already f#@$@#$d and cleaning up someone elses f@#$#g mess...I need to drink . Pairie Fire shots and B-52 shots, alternating, for about 4 hours is about what I need. It's been too long since I had Tequila. Too long. Damn...discovered that my cousin has a serious gambling addiction. In deep, too deep to loan sharks. Beyond my ability to easily remedy, and you don't want to become an enabler. But ya gotta do something, just not sure what...I gotta call in sick tomorrow.

Monday, October 3

One of those days

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Interesting picture. I like the disparity in attitudes - the redhead looks all intense and serious. The girl on the left seems to be laughing. The redhead's hand on the throat of the girl on the left seems like a subtle power move. I like the flesh tones in this picture. Large round earings vs small, appears to be diamond earings on the redhead. Classy brown outfit on the girl on the left and appears to be more unkempt, bra showing, mismatch on the redhead. I like how the photographer has gotten right in on the action, filled the frame.

Sunday, October 2


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Doublespeak of the Month - Reg Alcock has the cajones to say that the Conservatives that are embarrassing the civil service by "mentioning" the scandals - it couldn't possibly be the government or civil service for engaging in scandalous behaviour, could it?....Eli Manning was a brilliant fantasy pool pick on my part, 4 tds today...really nice, warm, Autumn day today

Saturday, October 1


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Male Models die by jumping over fence in the dark trying to avoid paying a $40 taxi fair, but died because in the dark they couldn't see that there was a 60 foot dtrop on the other side of the fence...darwinism at the #@$@#$ can Paul Coffin not get jail time for stealing 1.5 million dollars in 15 fraud counts?...if Roger Clemons isn't the gratest picther of all time, I don't no anything about baseball - he has won twice as many cy youngs as anyone else, and is currently leading the NL in era at the age of the way, I was wrong about the Red Sox signing of David Wells - who knew a 41 year old fat guy with a bad back would win 16 games?...Weazled out of flying to Vancouver for 2 weeks for work, I hat eflying to Vancouver...if I am going to spend 7-8 hours in a plane I flying to Europe, dammit...Wild Gorillas seen using tools - take that, "Intelligent Design" losers...for the love of god, please let science and darwinism win the Intelligent Design court case, or else the western world is headed towards another dark age, kind of like when the greeks bugged out when they discovered irrational numbers