Tuesday, October 4

I'm so f@#$d

Originally uploaded by Dr. Doom.
I'm so f@#$d at work. They want us to help out with a project at a remote location that is out of time and out of budget, but the pinheads on the project don't seem to understand how bad the project is and they are being real pricks about accepting help. Time to fire some f$%#%g consultants. Just once, I would like to start a project myself instead of coming in after a project is already f#@$@#$d and cleaning up someone elses f@#$#g mess...I need to drink . Pairie Fire shots and B-52 shots, alternating, for about 4 hours is about what I need. It's been too long since I had Tequila. Too long. Damn...discovered that my cousin has a serious gambling addiction. In deep, too deep to loan sharks. Beyond my ability to easily remedy, and you don't want to become an enabler. But ya gotta do something, just not sure what...I gotta call in sick tomorrow.

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