Saturday, October 1


Originally uploaded by Dr. Doom.
Male Models die by jumping over fence in the dark trying to avoid paying a $40 taxi fair, but died because in the dark they couldn't see that there was a 60 foot dtrop on the other side of the fence...darwinism at the #@$@#$ can Paul Coffin not get jail time for stealing 1.5 million dollars in 15 fraud counts?...if Roger Clemons isn't the gratest picther of all time, I don't no anything about baseball - he has won twice as many cy youngs as anyone else, and is currently leading the NL in era at the age of the way, I was wrong about the Red Sox signing of David Wells - who knew a 41 year old fat guy with a bad back would win 16 games?...Weazled out of flying to Vancouver for 2 weeks for work, I hat eflying to Vancouver...if I am going to spend 7-8 hours in a plane I flying to Europe, dammit...Wild Gorillas seen using tools - take that, "Intelligent Design" losers...for the love of god, please let science and darwinism win the Intelligent Design court case, or else the western world is headed towards another dark age, kind of like when the greeks bugged out when they discovered irrational numbers

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