Saturday, December 31

Last day of the year

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Funny - If the Conservatives had made the same racist blog comments that were made in a Liberal blooger's blog, Liberal exec resigns over blog insults
, it would be plastered non-stop over every media outlet in the dominion non-stop about how racist/bigoted those dinosaur right-wingers of the Conservatives were - but it seems that because a Liberal made the comments, the comments are downplayed as immature, private comments by an individual...Tories, Grits tied in latest poll - interesting. Conservatives are actually ahead in the whole country outside of Quebec. Which means if they want to win, they have to win the election in Quebec, against the tide of adscam and the Bloc. I'm surprised - the Income Trust Probe seems to have moved the polls like adscam couldn't, even though I think that adscam was much worse. Income Trust leak was just about money. Adscam was stealing money and using that money to electoral advantage. ...Team Canada's lines in the Olympics will be as follows: 1) Heatley, Sakic, Inginla 2) Bertuzzi, Lecavelier, St. Louis 3) Gagne, Thornton, Nash 4) Draper, Richards, Doan - Sakic/Inginla showed chemistry in 2002. Lecavelier/St. Louis play on the same line in Tampa Bay. Gange/Thornton/Nash showed chemistry in world championships last year. Draper/Doan will be checkers and Richards is the last center. Heatley is the better than Bertuzzi, so he will be on 1) with Sakic, leaving Bertuzzi with Lecavelier/St. Louis. Ryan Smyth will either take Bertuzzi's spot if Todd continues to show rust or Draper's spot if he continues this years poor play.

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